Construction has begun on the infrastructure for MVRDV’s masterplan for the Almere Floriade 2022. The extensive plan involves major road restructuring and the implementation of new public transport routes, as well as the construction of several overpasses to improve connections within the area.

The new developments, which have now broken ground, form the base for MVRDV’s overall vision for the Floriade, which includes a 45 hectare city extension which will have in it: exhibition spaces, hotels, conference centres, a university campus, care home and a marina; and will be built to accommodate a huge number of visitors throughout the Floriade 2022. The visionary scheme bases itself around fully integrating plants and trees into people’s everyday lives, incorporating nature into the urban landscape in order to create a rich variety of architectural and urban experiences and raising people’s awareness about the environment through simply making it an important part of their lives.

Due to the heavily increased flow of people through the area at the time of the Floriade, major infrastructure adjustments needed to be designed to ensure that the city can cope with the numbers. Three overpasses have been designed by MVRDV to cross the to-be-widened motorways. The first, is set to be 80 metres wide and include pedestrian walkways, cycle paths and bus stops. A second consists of a separate bicycle and pedestrian connection, whilst the final acts as a new entrance onto the A6 motorway. The road system will be streamlined, two new lanes will be added to the motorway to accommodate for the extra traffic and the new bus routes be added to help ease the pressure on the roads helping visitors navigate the area.

Whilst the Floriade is not set to begin for another 6 years, this start in construction of the infrastructure marks the crucial first steps to realising MVRDV’s and Almere’s joint vision. MVRDV has also worked with the Municipality of Almere to propose a future urban plan for the city in 2030, and for a DIY urbanism plan for Almere Oosterwold.